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Staff Augmentation Solution IT staff augmentation

Extend Your Team With Staff Augmentation

Do you need software engineers with a specific skill set for short-term tasksStaff augmentation by Web Tech Solution Mart Software can help you achieve a perfect fit between project progress and cost-effectiveness. By involving augmented staff solutions, you can quickly scale your team up and down depending on the current development needs. This happens without the costly and lengthy recruitment, employment, and official documentation hassles in-house hiring typically involves.

Web Tech Solution Mart Software is a reputable staff augmentation provider in Ukraine with numerous staffing solutions on demand. You can always get the timely staffing support by supplementing your in-house team with specialized staff for the needed period, without over-paying for redundant recruitment stages. Remote developers will join the in-house development processes, assisting your staff in desktop, mobile, or web product development, giving you the support and assistance you need right now.

Staff augmentation solutions are affordable and flexible, allowing clients to hire from one developer to a whole team depending on their project requirements at a given moment. Besides, it is an excellent chance to take a staff member on a ‘test drive’ trying their skills and competencies and then deciding about longer-time employment.

What Are The Types Of Staff Augmentation?

Temporary Staff Augmentation

Rely on this model when you need a programmer urgently. Besides ready-to-go developers, we have a pool of hot tech candidates who can take on the job within a week. Instead of wasting months on recruiting, you will get your project done by that time with our staff augmentation service.

Long-Term Extended Team

We offer custom recruitment for long-lasting cooperation – you get a developer hired with the required hard and soft skills. You or your project manager can control task completion, while we take care of the rest – payroll, talent management and office stuff like devices or internet connection.

5 Steps to extend your team hassle-free

Tell us about the software developers you need: tech stack, team size, and staffing period. You will get remote workers as soon as possible due to our extensive pool of IT talents.

We provide ready-to-go teams for urgent staff aug needs. However, if you want to get a custom-recruited developers for long-lasting collaboration, you can participate in selecting and interviewing.

Staff augmentation presupposes full integration with your in-house team despite remote collaboration. Give a rundown to your new developers and share project details with them.

Extended team adjusts to your internal schedule and uses the same project management tools as you do. If you don’t want to manage them personally, we can offer part-time or full-time PM.

Whether you hire developers to help you with release or extend your team to try software development outsourcing, Web Tech Solution Mart Software will take care of your employees and software development process.

What Values Will You Get?

  • Boost productivity of your department by adding more employees
  • Avoid deadline rush by accelerating the performance
  • Save your time on recruitment and get developers immediately
  • Use expertise of professional coders to educate internal staff
  • Hire full-time developers on temporary basis
  • Get better engagement due to 100% integration
  • Reduce overhead due to full-scale support of your remote workers
  • Adjust remote team size to your business needs hassle-free
Staff Augmentation Solution
Benefits Of IT Staff Augmentation Services

Get motivated developers with IT outsourcing model. Although the developers provided by the vendor are not your direct employees, they integrate into your project, thus get more engaged and motivated.

You can extend your in-house IT department on temporary or permanent basis due to our flexible model. No matter if you need a developer for a few weeks or for year, we have a solution for both needs.

You can start cooperation with Web Tech Solution Mart Software by hiring one software developer for a short period and ramp up your remote development team gradually. And vice versa, you can reduce the number of programmers when the project is done.

We assign an account manager to each client so that you discuss your needs and find the right solution, while your remote team members get the necessary administrative, HR, accounting and legal support.

There will be no mediator between you and your extended team – you can set up calls, standups, meetings when it’s needed according to your schedule. What’s more, you can come to our office and work together with your team.

Usually if you hire developers according to staff aug model, you manage your employees by yourself. However, we can offer you a part-time or full-time project manager who will control your team on the spot.

How To Choose IT Staff Aug Company?

Determine your priorities

Before looking for a staff augmentation vendor, clarify what you need from the staff. Will it be full-scale project development or a temporary support job? Understanding your current staffing needs will make a choice simpler.

IT staff augmentation is a truly global phenomenon that allows hiring staff worldwide. But the prices and quality of work differ depending on the location. So, choose wisely, depending on your budget and the importance of the project.

After choosing the country, start researching the market to pick several staff augmentation vendors from the list of top providers in that location. Always consider several variants to compare them and select the best price-quality fit in the end.

Once a list of vendors is compiled, find out more about their terms. Approach the initial point of contact and communication critically, evaluating the speed of response, the fullness of provided information, etc. to make the final decision.

Vendors offer several pricing approaches, like a monthly fee and a developer salary or an hourly rate for developers accompanied by the vendor’s premium. Evaluate the duration of the project and the estimated workload in advance to choose an optimal model.

Once all the terms have been negotiated, and the fees, mode of collaboration, and terms of the contract are transparent, it’s high time to sign the contract. After that, stay in touch and oversee the recruitment and staffing process to make sure you got the right people to your team.

What Is The Difference Between Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Services?
  • Managed by client
  • Integration with in-house team
  • Responsibility in on client
  • Custom-hired/ready-to-go teams
  • Full-time engagement
  • Single client
  • Technology selected by client
  • Managed by vendor
  • Communication with client’s side
  • Shared risks
  • Ready-to-go teams
  • Part-time/Full-time engagement
  • Multiple clients
  • Technology selected by vendor


What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model aimed at getting extra staff without recruiting and administrative hassles. A vendor takes all hiring responsibilities upon itself, so the client only gets either prescreened CVs to select candidates for the final interview or a ready-to-go team.

  • 1) Get software developers only when needed;

    2) No need to hire and fire augmented staff;

    3) You aren’t engaged in the recruitment process;

    4) Cut operational costs;

    5) Augmented staff is provided with equipment and office facilities;

    6) It’s easy to scale up a team;

    7) Administrative support from your vendor;

    8) Direct communication with the augmented staff.

  • Web Tech Solution Mart Software is an award-winning staff augmentation provider. We can extend your in-house team with:

    – software developers;

    – UI/UX designers;

    – quality assurance engineers;

    – DevOps engineers;

    – project managers.

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